• The goal of Wei Lun’s English program is to offer our students the chance to learn a second language which can ultimately open more opportunities to them in their lives. English is a language which helps students extend their knowledge and experience of the world through other cultures and people and can allow further studies, pleasure, and work in the English medium; and

  • To enable every child living in the twenty-first century to be prepared for the changing socio- economic demands resulting from the advancement in information technology, and the interpretation, use and production of materials, study or work in the English medium.
  • Literacy is of primary concern in NET lessons. The goal of literacy is approached through various teaching methods which utilize E-learning, literary discussions & reciprocal teaching skills, phonics instruction, and communicative teaching practices, to name a few. An emphasis is placed on catering to learner diversity by monitoring individual student progress through continuous literacy assessments. Individual student needs are met through an independent home reading program, which seeks to support a student’s unique literacy growth. Ultimately, an appreciation for literature and reading is a top-down goal, wherein the tools have been provided to students to take on their own reading-to-learn journey.


Useful Websites (Recommendations)


Deployment of Native-speaking English Teacher

The native-speaking English teacher is employed to take up the following duties:

  • Co-teach Primary 1 to Primary 3 reading lessons with local English teachers every week
  • Integrate analytic and synthetic phonics into lessons regularly
  • Carry out the drama group
  • Give professional advice on Primary 4 to Primary 6 Reading and Writing Programme
  • Provide workshops for teachers’ professional development
  • Help implement English activities with local teachers
  • Provide interview training for Primary 6 students
  • Have pleasant chat with students during recess, before morning assembly and after school
  • Wordcoaching before morning assembly on Tuesday and Thursday
  • Direct Creative Writing Club and writing projects